“Your parts are valuable, not just for you but to anybody who is in the unfortunate situation of an AOG … “


It is highly advisable to keep a selection of parts that are used on your aircraft at your disposal by putting them on stock. On the other hand you have to invest in these spare parts as assets upfront and don’t know when you will be benefiting from that investment.

With our lease stock program we can offer you an alternative point of view on this situation by giving you the opportunity to earn money with your spare parts.

In general, if you contribute your spare parts to our lease stock program your parts will be available for lease by anybody in need. As long as your part is not leased out it simply stays in our controlled storage and is treated like any other normal spare part in storage with the same benefits and availability. When your part is leased out you receive a lease fee that is dependent on the duration of the lease and the base value of your part.