The Primus Aero partner network

What is it?

The PRIMUS AERO Partner Network is based on the cooperation of multiple independent companies worldwide. This allows us to be closer to more customers in more countries worldwide.


Through the PRIMUS AERO Partner Network, customers and partners have access to a vast pool of know-how and skills, so there is always someone who can solve an issue.


We would love to have you

We want to grow, not just in size but also in spirit, which only works with the right people. Therefore, our partners are selected as carefully as our employees.


Our partners found their own independent companies which operate under the umbrella of the PRIMUS AERO brand. Therefore, our partners must possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire for independence, and have substantial work experience in the business aviation industry.


All applicants are vetted as thoroughly as PRIMUS AERO employees, including a multi-stage interview process and a competence assessment by our in-house compliance department.


Those who are admitted to the PRIMUS AERO Partner Network are supported by our team from day one. This includes founding a company, choosing an office location, setting up accounting, providing sales training and marketing materials.

A word from our CEO


Partner Network

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