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Our parts department works independently of our other entities and procures parts from the open market with all required documentation.


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Spare Parts Procurement

We purchase our parts on the free market which enables us to offer lower prices and shorter lead times than competitors. On some parts, this can result in up to 80% cost savings. All parts sourced through us have the needed documents, which allows for smooth installation.


Due to our independence from OEMs, we can provide spare parts for almost all aircraft types, from the smallest bulbs to landing gears. Additionally, we offer our customers the possibility to store parts they purchased in our facility to dispatch them immediately in case of AOG.

International Logistics

Having the right part in the right place at the right time is the mission of our logistics crew. We utilize various shipment methods to achieve this mission, from standard shipments with forwarders to airfreight shipments and onboard couriers.


Our logistics crew is trained in the shipment of aircraft components, including dangerous goods, and has extensive experience with shipments to various countries and continents.

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We store parts in our secure, climate-controlled facilities in Graz and Malta and ship them from these locations to wherever the parts are required. Below you can see some photos of our stores.

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Our Approach

To ensure a smooth installation, our parts & logistics team conducts a thorough incoming inspection where it checks the part for any visible damages, takes photos of the part’s condition, and reviews the documents so there is no delay later on. Below you can see some photos of incoming inspections.

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