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Profit from our wide-spread experience as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) and our approvals by both the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA).


Our services include:

  • CAMO

    24/7 support | One-Stop-Solution | Airworthiness Reviews | EASA & BDCA

  • Aircraft Management

    Choice of Maintenance Facility | Invoice & Operational Auditing

  • Asset Management

    Aircraft Inspections | Repossessions

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts Aquisition | Parts Storage & Transportation | Loan Parts Service

  • Consulting

    Aircraft Aquisition | Manuals | Compliance & Quality Management

  • Supported Aircraft

    Bombardier | Cessna | Dassault | Embraer | Gulfstream | Beechcraft

We are a certified CAMO

Whether you would like to import your aircraft from outside the EASA area or just need to renew your Airworthiness Review Certificate, we can provide you with the correct document to prove the airworthiness of your aircraft.

We hold the approvals for CAMO from Austro Control (EASA) and the Bermudan BDCA and we are not limited to a single aircraft type or manufacturer. For more details see the list of currently supported aircraft.

Our CAMO Services include:


  • 24/7 support
  • reduced personnel costs / no need for an own CAMO
  • detailed overview of operational costs
  • access to an extensive knowledge and know-how base
  • one-stop-solution for CAMO
  • Airworthiness Review Recommendations
  • Airworthiness Review Certificates

Aircraft Management

Choice of Maintenance Facility


Firstly, we assist our clients with finding a maintenance facility that is close to the location of their aircraft and also has all vital qualifications.



Invoice Auditing


Secondly, our services include detailed financial auditing where we check invoices of suppliers for accuracy and correctness of pricing. Due to our vast expertise in the field we are able to judge invoiced costs and negotiate various price cuts. Therefore, this process allows you to save notable sums on your fees.



Operational Auditing


Thirdly, our operational auditing helps you to stay in line with regulations or to find potential gaps before your authority does.

Asset Management & Appraisals

Aircraft Inspections


We are able to provide your lessee, your lessor or any other party with a detailed and thorough inspection of the aircraft. This inspection is valid for the purpose of leasing, selling or simply showing the condition of your aircraft and its documentation.


We do not rely on virtual figures that are taken out of value guides but use our practical experience. As a result, our appraisals reflect this deep knowledge and show the true value of your asset.





Primus Aero assists banks who need to repossess aircraft of customers who fail to make their payments. Because of our expert knowledge in Aircraft Management and vast hands-on experience we are a reliable partner in this process.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts Aquisition


We are not limited to any specific aircraft type or system, so we can acquire anything, from the smallest bulb to the biggest engines.

Because we are independent we are not contractually bound to aircraft manufacturers and can buy parts on the open market. It should be noted that this allows for up to 80% cost savings on some parts compared to MROs.

In addition, all parts sourced through us have the needed documents which allows for smooth installation.

Parts Storage & Transportation


We offer storage space in our secured and climate-controlled facility. Moreover, we provide a complete inventory and full overview of the value of all parts stored with us.

Naturally, the stored parts are available for you 24/7  and can be picked up or delivered by us to where your aircraft is.

Loan Parts Service


Through our lease stock program, we offer the chance of earing money with parts in storage. First, contribute your spare part to our program and it stays available to you 24/7 when it it is not leased. Then, when your part is leased, you receive a lease fee that depends on the lenght of the lease and the value of your part.

Consulting Services

Aircraft Selection, Aquisition & Delivery


We want to help you find the right aircraft, support program and maintenance facility. Here, our independence gives us the freedom to find the ideal solution for both commercial and private operators.

In the aquisition and delivery process our team ensures that the technical due-diligence is done and no defect remains undetected. Hence, this detailed review saves you avoidable costs.

Manual Establishment


We are familiar with the bulk of regulations and can provide you with the relevant manuals including: Operational Manuals, Aircraft Maintenance Programs, Continuing Airworthiness Management Expositions, Minimum Equipment Lists and Maintenance Organizational Expositions.

Furthermore, we can provide you with a review of your current manuals or rework them.

Compliance & Quality Management


We can support you when you are looking for a Quality Manager or need to set up a full-scale Quality System.

Our team supports you in complying with today’s legal requirements. As a result of our rigid quality and compliance management system, our own standards are kept well above the industry average.

Currently supported aircraft

At the moment we are approved to perform Airworthiness Reviews on the types listed below and we are happy to extend our approval according to your needs.


  • CHALLENGER 601 – 604 – 605 Series
  • CHALLENGER 850 – CRJ100/200 Series
  • GLOBAL 5000 – 6000- XRS Series
  • LEARJET 40 – 40XR – 45 – 45XR
  • LEARJET 60 – 60XR


  • 510 Mustang
  • 525 Citation Jet – CJ1 – CJ1+
  • 525A CJ2 – CJ2+
  • 525B CJ3
  • 560XL Excel – XLS – XLS+
  • 680 Sovereign


  • FALCON 2000 EX – DX – LX – LXS – S Series
  • FALCON 900 B – C – EX – DX – LX Series
  • FALCON 50 – 50 EX
  • FALCON 7X – 8X


  • EMB-145 – Legacy 600/650 Series
  • EMB-500 Phenom 100
  • ERJ 170 – 190 Series
  • EMB-505 Phenom 300


  • G150
  • G200
  • G IV – G IV SP – 350 – 400 – 450
  • G V – 500 – 550
  • G280

Hawker Beechcraft

  • 750 – 800XP – 850XP – 900XP
  • KINGAIR B200 – 300 – 350
  • 400XP – 400A


  • PC-12


Our Custormer Care Team is happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have.

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