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Welcome to Primus Aero CAMO Aircraft Management Asset Management & Appraisals Spare Parts Consulting

Welcome to Primus Aero


We provide an all-round service for your aircraft. Our services begin with consulting during your aircraft selection process, providing continuing airworthiness management, as well as finding spare parts for your aircraft.


Profit from our wide-spread experience as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) and our approvals by both the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA).


CAMOAircraft ManagementAsset Management & AppraisalsSpare PartsConsulting




Whether you seek the benefits of having your aircraft managed by a professional CAMO or need your ARC renewed, PRIMUS has the right engineers for your aircraft.


We support your AOC CAMO as well as your private plane.


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Currently supported aircraft for CAMO

Aircraft Management


We have experts that know how much you should pay and where you should bring your aircraft for maintenance.


Having your plane managed by PRIMUS significantly cuts costs and enhances aircraft availability.


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Asset Management & Appraisals


Having PRIMUS on your side gives you peace of mind that your aircraft is as it should be.


Our expert knowledge in aircraft management and hands-on experience makes us a reliable partner for banks, lessors and insurers.


We even have experts on repossession too to recover and regain your assets.


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Spare Parts


Our spare parts service supports you with:


  • stock management,
  • part acquisition,
  • storage,
  • transportation and
  • our loan parts


at significantly better rates than you might be used to, and our logistics team get them to the most remote spots at lightning speed.


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Primus Aero can provide you with a full set of consulting services, including:


  • aircraft selection,
  • acquisition,
  • aircraft delivery supervision,
  • manual establishment and
  • compliance and quality management.


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